Dedomena is an Artificial Intelligence company that provides data solutions for business, by putting privacy first.

Our Platform

Dedomena delivers a single platform that solves the most dominant issues for data-driven companies: access to secure and quality data and the extraction of value from it.

Our platform helps organizations reduce time-to-data and time-to-insight from months to days, while protecting data privacy and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR.

We do this with best-of-breed Artificial Intelligence through Anonymization Tools, Synthetic Data and pre-built AI Applets.


Go further than traditional anonymization techniques. With Dedomena, there is no trade-off between privacy and data value.

Synthetic Data

Generate accurate, statistically similar, synthetic copies of your data without containing any identifiable information, ensuring business value and privacy.

AI Applets

Extract insights and value from your data in days rather than months or years. We have already built those models you need.


Find the secure and quality data you need in order to build, train, improve and test AI and data applications.


Unlock the value of your most sensitive and valuable asset, your data.

Innovate Faster

Improve ML Capabilities

Reduce Risks and Costs

Boost Collaboration

Innovate Faster

For many businesses, innovation relies on data. However, nowadays data ecosystem is restricted, regulated, biased and incomplete.

Experiment and prototype, data is just some clicks away.

Develop and create data pipelines and models at scale.

Boost data innovation and learning with hackathons.

Improve ML Capabilities

By 2025, most of the data used for the de­vel­op­ment of AI and data science projects will be syn­thet­i­cally gen­er­ated.

Create synthetic datasets for ML training.

Empower your Data Science team with more data.

Provide explainability to your AI systems.

Reduce Risks and Costs

The limitations for using real data are reduced when using synthetic datasets, also it can be generated on demand rather than needing to wait for a specific event to occur in reality.

Be compliant with the strictest data protection laws.

Reduce time-to-data and time-to-insight.

Improve data processes and reduce AI development costs.

Boost Data Collaboration

Data sharing between departments, within organizations or across borders remains a big challenge.

Drive collaboration during development of ML solutions.

Speed up your data-driven culture.

Get data ready to be shared without boundaries.


Dedomena enables data-driven companies to accelerate the use of their data without restrictions.


Do you want to empower your company with better data?


Check out some of our explanatory articles or cross-industry
use cases to know more

What is Synthetic Data and Why is it so important?

Without any doubt, synthetic data is one of the key technologies in the present and future of data science and artificial intelligence, but what is synthetic data? How do they work? And why is it key for data-driven companies?

The Benefits of Synthetic Data

The applications and benefits that synthetic data can bring in the development of data-centric strategies for companies are huge and growing in relevance for data science teams.

Anonymization & Data Sharing

Throughout this article, we will work with a Kaggle dataset, making a brief demonstration of how synthetic data is generated and how it preserves the statistical properties of the original data.

Why do traditional data anonymization methods no longer work?

The techniques that have always been used to anonymize data do not have the guarantee of ensuring the total anonymity of the data. These are techniques that have flaws when it comes to ensuring data privacy and utility.

Synthetic Data use cases in Financial Industry

The banking industry faces a wide variety of challenges when it comes to anonymization and data privacy. Thanks to synthetic data, banks can tackle data challenges more effectively and unlock the full potential of their data assets.

The Value of Synthetic Data in Financial Services

Data anonymization is key to applying the best data-driven strategies in the banking industry. The correct implementation of this strategy based on synthetic data will allow extracting all the knowledge and insights from customer financial data.

The Potential of Synthetic Data in Healthcare

Synthetic data has received considerable attention as a method of protecting patient privacy, diversifying datasets and augmenting clinical research, hence accelerating the application of Artificial Intelligence across different hospitals and institutions.

Synthetic Data for People Analytics

Companies now have access to more employee data than ever before, and, as data collection becomes easier, it is more important than ever for HR to take position on ethical data use, privacy and security.

Synthetic Data for insurance

Synthetic Data can help insurance companies to improve their underwritting, claims management and customer experience while unlocking the potential of data that have been hidden by data privacy regulations.


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