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The definitive solution for the anonymization your data

Dedomena's anonymization capabilities anonymize data in structured and unstructured formats, in accordance with the needs of the information processing, ensuring compliance with all applicable data protection regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, amongst others.


Seamless integration

Powered by AI

Use case flexibility

Compliant with all data protection regulations

Comply with the European GDPR and any other data protection regulations by anonymizing personal or sensitive data when necessary.

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                                    regulations Image

Seamless integration

Seamlessly integrate our anonymization capabilities when synthesizing the data or through our AI Applets with an easy-to-use REST API or user interface.

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Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Our unique anonymization solutions are powered by AI being able to even generate a synthetic replacement that reflects the original attributes and distributions. Therefore, the solutions protects identities while keeping necessary information for analytics or machine learning.

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Use case flexibility

Anonymize structured data like tables in a CSV and unstructured data such as banking concepts, texts or documents. We offer the most precise AI-based solutions for anonymizing data that should not be reverse-engineered.

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How does it work?

With Dedomena, securely anonymize your data on a day-to-day basis with best-of-breed artificial intelligence


Select data to protect

Select the files and data you want to anonymize. Our solutions will automatically detect the format and language. It could be bank transactions, a social media dataset with reviews or a legal document.

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Define the optimal anonymization configuration

Depending on your needs and data, decide between different levels of anonymization or what type of sensitive data the systems should process.

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Work with your anonymized data, risk-free

Once the data is anonymized, you can save it and use it securely. Dedomena will not store any private data, ensuring a clean and safe process.

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How dows it work Circle Image
How dows it work Circle Image
How dows it work Circle Image


Data anonymization plays an important role in maintain data security and privacy in all sectors and companies.

Comply with GDPR and other data protection laws

Compliance with regulatory requirements regarding GDPR or CCPA, amongst others.

Advance customer analytics

Obtaining data and insights from structured and unstructured sources, with the capacity to perform better advanced analytics on anonymized data.

Confident data-sharing

Legally share private and sensible data both internally and with third parties without compromising confidentiality and security.

Information security

If data is stolen through a data breach, it would have no practical value outside of the organisation.

Consistency across systems

Our approach to anonymization makes data consistent among multiple systems, making anonymized data reliable for analysis, development and testing.

Efficiency for development

We allow shorter implementation times. Also, when anonymizing through our synthesization technology, you can generate and use anonymized data on demand.

The Definitive Anonymization Guide

Overcoming challenges: everything you need to know about anonymization and its benefits.

The Definitive Anonymization Guide

Overcoming challenges: everything you need to know about anonymization and its benefits.

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Thanks for your interest! We have sent you an email with the guide. Enjoy!

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Uses cases

When is data anonymization crucial for your company?

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Personal data

Effective anonymization of personal data eliminates the risks to individuals' data privacy. Data can be processed more easily and be used for multiple purposes.

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Medical records

Medical records and health data to be shared or analyzed with other centres and doctors.

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Behavioural information

Behavioural patterns can lead to identification of people behind them, compromising their identity.

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Data access and sharing

Storage, processing and migration of data in cloud or on-premises environments must be performed in a secure way.

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Banking activity

Banking data that is stored in different repositories to be able to extract financial insights and spending patterns of different types of users anonymously.

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Cross-border collaborations

Projects, proof of concepts, vendor validation or research collaborations generally need data to flow between different regions and countries. It is safer if you anonymize it beforehand.

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