Dedomena helps financial services companies deploy and improve their AI capabilities at scale by bringing the most performant pre-built AI applets and the most accurate synthetic financial data. Our platform is designed for the challenges and opportunities facing the banking industry from fraud detection to cross-selling opportunities.

Synthetic data for Banking

For financial institutions, it remains challenging to analyze and monetize customer data at the enterprise level due to data silos, labelling issues, privacy regulations, and cybersecurity concerns. The inability to access customer data as a source of insights results in a loss of competitive advantage for banks.

Financial synthetic data plays a key role in the future of the banking industry since customers demand personalization and privacy simultaneously. Synthetic data allows to eliminate data silos and compliance concerns, and at the same time, fuelling AI/ML model building, software testing and data sharing.

Dedomena helps you anonymize and generate high quality synthetic financial data that is 100% GDPR compliant, flexible, enriched and statistically representative. Generate as much as you need to bridge the innovation gap and open up new revenue opportunities.

Dedomena AI Applets for Banking

Our rich set of pre-built AI modules can handle a wide range of use cases and implementation requirements. Fine-tune and customize your models with synthetic data for improved performance.







Customer Scoring

Evaluate customers based on financial behaviour.

Carbon Footprint Score

Use AI to calculate customer´s CFS based on financial behaviour

Fraud Detection

Pinpoint fraud risks for timely action to prevent revenue loss and fraud-related costs

Anti Money Laundering

Pinpoint fraud risks for timely action to prevent revenue loss and fraud-related costs

Cash Management

Grow cash portfolio by preventing balance attrition due to FX and risky invoice collection.

Financial Forecasting

Accurately forecast revenue, balances with AI that identifies risks and opportunities.


Identify emerging client needs for financial services based on transactions, business performance, and more.

Credit Approval

Pre-qualify low-risk candidates using AI models and expedite their approvals.

Transaction Enrichment

Understand customer´s transactionability with purchase and income categories, and merchant information.

User Profile Enrichment

Use AI to segment and enrich your customers profile based on financial behaviour to run effective marketing campaings

Price Optimization

Deliver personalized pricing, rates, and fees to maximize expected profitability for each client.

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