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Plug & Play Artificial Intelligence tailored to your business needs

Dedomena brings the fastest, most effective and highest ROI approach to enterprise AI by combining pre-built AI solutions with embedded synthetic data and anonymization capabilities. Train, deploy and monitor best-in-class machine learning models, and unlock the value of your data.


Superior performance

Model-driven approach

Deliver AI anywhere, anytime

Privacy by design

Test and fine-tune your models with embedded privacy-preserving synthetic data capabilities.

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Superior performance

Train your models with large synthetic copies of your data and monitor performance by incorporating feedback from systems and users.

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Model-driven approach

We have already built and tested the models you need, you just have to integrate them or fine-tune them with synthetic copies of your data.

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Deliver AI anywhere, anytime

Deploy and scale a tested AI application through our API and deliver real-time insights into your system, users and customers.

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How does it work?

Our mission is to accelerate the development and adoption of Artificial Intelligence


Select your use case

Browse AI applets based on your business needs, goals and expected outcome.

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Test and fine-tune

Test and safely fine-tune your models with tons of synthetic copies of your original data.

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Put your model to work

Easily integrate your trained model into production environments and start delivering great value to your customers.

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Manage performance

Monitor accuracy and incorporate feedback into the model for an incredible performance.

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How does it work Cicle Image
How does it work Cicle Image
How does it work Cicle Image


Accelerate delivery and reduce the complexities of developing Artificial Intelligence.

Scale AI for your business

Use pre-built AI applications and streamline your data operations with industry-specific frameworks.

Deliver results in days

Rapidly deploy AI applications and capabilities in days and see results in weeks rather than months or even years.

Unlock meaningful value

Extract the value of your data and take a competitive advantage from reduced costs and increased revenue.

Built AI with confidence

Ensure data privacy with embedded anonymization and synthetic data generation capabilities.

Reduce costs

Businesses of every size can now take advantage of implementing Artificial Intelligence from a fraction of the cost.

Increased productivity

Encourage developers and experts to create, innovate, and become actively involved in organisational strategy thanks to its flexibility and ease of use.

Uses cases

Dedomena AI technology has been designed to improve AI performance across industries and purposes.



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Customer Scoring

Evaluate customers based on financial behaviour.

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Fraud Detection

Pinpoint fraud risks for timely action to prevent revenue loss and fraud-related costs.

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Uses Cases Icon 3

Transaction Enrichment

Understand customer´s transactionability with purchase and income categories, and merchant information.

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Credit Approval

Pre-qualify low-risk candidates using AI models and expedite their approvals.

Uses Cases Image 5
Uses Cases Icon 5

AML Prevention

Transform financial crime detection with AI.

Uses Cases Image 6
Uses Cases Icon 6

Finance Forecasting

Accurately forecast revenue, balances with AI that identifies risks and opportunities.

Uses Cases Image 7
Uses Cases Icon 7

Medical Records Data Extraction

Extract data from electronic health records (EHRs) and automatically turn it into usable, computer-addressable information.

Uses Cases Image 8
Uses Cases Icon 8

Automatic Diagnosis & Disease Detection

Machine-learning-based disease diagnosis for predictive and effective treatment.

Uses Cases Image 9
Uses Cases Icon 9

Simple Concepts Extraction

Extract clinical concepts from electronic health records into actionable knowledge.

Uses Cases Image 9
Uses Cases Icon 9

Data Interoperability Standardization

Enable underlying exchange and sharing of clinical information in industry standards.

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Medical Data Structurer

Structure patient records making research reliable, reproducible and efficient.

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